The patina to restore your home makeover

The patina to restore your home makeover - Reproduce the effect of time on your furniture with the patina. Economical and easy to carry, the patina can restyle your home in no time.

The urge to redo your interior suddenly takes you? Choose the patina, a technique increasingly used to restore all objects in wood in two three movements. Easy to achieve, it offers a look older and gives more charm to this area. It accentuates the wear and irregularity of wood while showcasing your furniture, doors and even your floor. Through the application of transparent paint or varnish, you can keep the original color of your personal property. Change your world at lower costs and set a warm and friendly atmosphere in your home. The patina does not require months of preparation. Just carefully follow the application steps and have the little equipment required.

Patina: the necessary hardware

The brushes in various sizes are needed to apply the paint or varnish. Get also using sandpaper, steel wool, a stripper, a brass brush to fill the corners and a sub-layer in harmony with the tone of wood or color to adopt. If you want to paint your furniture, the choice of product is large. It depends on your inspiration and your preferences. The paintings in acrylic and oil are the most popular, but those on the casein or green are also taking an ever more important in the field of interior design. For example, choose products made ​​of essential oils that produce the same effects as ordinary items and equally resistant.

The surface preparation to skate?

The first step is to skate clean the furniture or wooden object. Get rid of all the layers of paint, wax or other surface by rubbing lightly with sandpaper. Be sure to fill holes and cracks with a special sealant to harmonize the whole wood. A full washing is necessary after carefully smoothed all sides to skate. To do this, use warm water, soap and a large sponge. Let dry in the open air. Then apply the undercoat and then let stand for 4-5 hours. It is essential to cover the entire surface. Sand the whole using the wool to sand so that the brush marks disappear. Then remove the dust and waste with a dry cloth.

Tips to achieve a patina

With the coming of the second grinding, the object is finally ready to be skated. If you wish to change the color of your furniture, paint in the first place the invisible parts to see if the shade is right for you. Combine the colors according to your convenience while ensuring that the effect caused more "natural". One or two coats are sufficient according to the status and characteristics of wood. For sure your furniture is more homogeneous, apply a coat of clear paint after original paint is dry. Before it dries completely, run a wipe over then sand the entire surface with a finer sandpaper so that the parties are smoother and accumulated so that all the wood is uniform.

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