Outdoor wood flooring

Outdoor wood flooring - Thanks to advances and the creation of new products and treatments for wood, you can choose to use the warmth of the wood also to decorate the floors of your terraces as well as the interior floors of your house. Wood in soil is perfect to decorate around a pool areas, porches or gazebos or just to create a small path in the grass that you communicate with the house or another garden area also has the advantage over the ceramic is more pleasant to the touch when decorating barefoot and more elegant.
The woods used for these types of affairs are the tropical woods like teak, the ipe, the tali and iroko. They are characterized especially because they support very well the moisture so it does not deteriorate to be outdoors and are quite durable. There are also other woods such as pine or milled specially treated, but you must ensure they are treated to be located on the outside because if not deteriorate quickly with the weather, one of these treatments is called an autoclave. The main difference between tropical timber and pine over time is that the former tend to a grayish color, while the pine if properly treated will not change its appearance.
There are many varieties and types of parquet wood exterior. You can choose to tile or tables and are with a surface or grooved, all depend on the design you want and where you create will be placed, for example, striated surfaces are recommended for areas of stairs and floor tiles.

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